The Guide for “Diamonds Of Egypt™” Slot by Pragmatic Play (2024)
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The Guide for “Diamonds Of Egypt™” Slot by Pragmatic Play (2024)

Ready to experience the thrill of ancient Egypt right from your screen? Pragmatic Play’s new slot game, “Diamonds Of Egypt™,” is here to captivate players with its rich visuals and engaging gameplay. Ancient Egyptian themes have always fascinated slot enthusiasts, and this game does a fantastic job of bringing that allure to life.

Released this year, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” combines stunning graphics with innovative features that promise an exhilarating gaming experience. Whether you’re a fan of high RTP (Return to Player) games or just love the mystique of Egyptian treasures, this slot has something for everyone. Prepare to embark on a journey through time and unearth the treasures that lie within the sands of Egypt!




Game Overview

Pragmatic Play’s “Diamonds Of Egypt™” offers players a journey back to the land of the Pharaohs. This online slot game combines stunning visuals with captivating soundscapes to immerse players in an Egyptian treasure hunt. Here’s what you need to know about its theme, visuals, and audio elements.


Theme and Visuals

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” is rich in ancient Egyptian imagery. The game’s backdrop features the iconic sands and pyramids of Egypt, setting the stage for an adventure packed with treasures. On the reels, you’ll find symbols inspired by ancient relics:

  • Golden cups
  • Snake rings
  • Pharaoh masks
  • Hieroglyphic letters


These symbols are intricately designed, ensuring high-quality graphics that make each spin exciting. The use of bright colors against darker tones highlights the treasures effectively, making each symbol stand out. Overall, the graphic quality is remarkable, transporting players straight to ancient Egypt.


Sound and Music

The auditory experience of “Diamonds Of Egypt™” is just as striking. The background music features subtle yet evocative tunes that remind you of ancient times. It’s a continuous blend of mystical notes that intensifies the atmosphere of the game. The sound effects are equally impressive:

  • Reel spins
  • Winning combinations
  • Bonus rounds

These sounds are crisp and clear, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The audio elements are designed to keep players engaged without being overwhelming, making it easy to get lost in the world of ancient Egypt. For a close look at how these elements come together, check out the official game demo.

Stay tuned for more insights into the features and gameplay mechanics of “Diamonds Of Egypt™”!




Gameplay Mechanics

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play offers an engaging slot experience that combines simple mechanics with exciting features. Let’s break down the key gameplay elements.


Reels and Paylines

In “Diamonds Of Egypt™,” the game features a standard 5×3 reel setup, providing a familiar yet thrilling layout. With 88 paylines, this slot offers numerous ways to win. Paylines are the lines on which a payout will be awarded based on winning combinations of symbols. Here are some unique aspects of the reels and paylines:

  • Five reels: Each reel has three visible symbols.
  • 88 paylines: This offers plenty of opportunities to hit winning combinations.
  • Fixed paylines: All 88 paylines are always active, meaning players do not need to adjust the number of lines they are betting on.

The combination of 88 paylines with the typical 5×3 reel setup ensures a dynamic gaming experience. Players can enjoy the balance between frequent smaller wins and the potential for larger payouts.


Special Symbols

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” boasts several special symbols that add excitement to the gameplay. These symbols not only boost your winnings but also unlock bonus features:

  • Wild symbols: These can substitute for other symbols (except scatters) to help form winning combinations. Wilds can often appear stacked, thus increasing their potential impact on your game.
  • Scatter symbols: Scatters are your ticket to triggering free spins or bonus rounds. In this game, landing a certain number of scatter symbols will activate these additional features.
  • Unique icons: Beyond the standard wilds and scatters, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” may also include special icons specific to the game’s theme. For instance, symbols like golden cups and pharaoh masks not only play into the visual appeal but may also trigger unique bonus rounds.

For a more detailed look at the game’s mechanics and a chance to play a demo, visit the Pragmatic Play’s official game page. This will provide firsthand experience of how these elements come together to create an engaging slot game.

By understanding the reels, paylines, and special symbols, players can better navigate and enjoy the “Diamonds Of Egypt™” slot game, maximizing their potential for a rewarding experience.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into other features and strategies for “Diamonds Of Egypt™” in the upcoming sections!




Bonus Features

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play isn’t just about mesmerizing graphics and engaging gameplay; it also offers thrilling bonus features. These features can significantly boost your winnings and elevate your gaming experience.


Free Spins

Free spins in “Diamonds Of Egypt™” can make a huge difference to your gameplay. Here’s how you can trigger them and what benefits they offer:

To activate the free spins, you need to land three pyramid scatter symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the first reel. This will give you eight free spins to start with. During these spins, the chances of hitting winning combinations increase, making it more likely to bag larger rewards.

What’s exciting about the free spins is that they can be re-triggered. If you land more scatter symbols during the free spins round, you get extra free spins added to your total. This feature not only extends your playtime but also multiplies your winning opportunities without using up your balance.

For more details on triggering free spins, check out this in-depth review.



In “Diamonds Of Egypt™,” the jackpot feature is another thrilling aspect. There are four different jackpots you can win, each offering substantial rewards:

  1. Mini Jackpot
  2. Minor Jackpot
  3. Major Jackpot
  4. Grand Jackpot

To get a shot at winning one of these jackpots, you need to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game. This happens when at least one wild symbol lands on the reels. Once triggered, you’ll be presented with 12 mysterious pots to choose from. Each pot can reveal one of the four jackpots. If you reveal three matching symbols, you win the corresponding jackpot.

This selection process adds an element of suspense and excitement as you aim for the Grand Jackpot, which offers the biggest payout. The thrill of potentially winning life-changing amounts is a major draw for many players.

For specifics on how jackpots work and their potential payouts, you can explore this detailed slot review.

These bonus features not only enhance the gameplay but also offer multiple ways to maximize your winnings. Whether you’re spinning for free spins or aiming for one of the jackpots, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” keeps the excitement level high, making every spin a potential game-changer.




RTP and Volatility

When playing “Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play, understanding RTP (Return to Player) and volatility is crucial. These factors play significant roles in how the game pays out and what kind of gaming experience you can expect. Let’s dive into the details of RTP and volatility in this captivating slot game.


Return to Player (RTP)

RTP, or Return to Player, essentially tells you how much of the total bets made on the game are paid back to players over time. For “Diamonds Of Egypt™,” the RTP is set at 96.49%. But what does this mean for you as a player?

  • High RTP: An RTP of 96.49% is quite favorable, as it means that for every $100 wagered, the game is expected to return $96.49. This percentage is a theoretical average calculated over many plays, so while individual sessions can vary, it gives you a good idea of the game’s generosity.
  • Player-Friendly: This RTP places “Diamonds Of Egypt™” comfortably within the standard range for online slots, making it both competitive and attractive for players who like to get good value for their bets.

Want to know more about how RTP works? Check out this detailed guide on RTP.



Volatility in a slot game indicates the risk level associated with playing it. It tells you how often you might expect to win and the size of those wins. “Diamonds Of Egypt™” is classified as a high volatility slot. Here’s what that means for your gameplay:

  • High Volatility: High volatility slots, like “Diamonds Of Egypt™,” can offer significant wins, but they come less frequently. So, you might hit a few dry spells before landing a big win.
  • Strategic Play: This level of volatility suits players who have the patience and the bankroll to withstand periods without wins in anticipation of hitting it big. It’s like fishing in deep waters—you might not catch many fish quickly, but when you do, it’ll be a big one!
  • Excitement Factor: The high volatility also adds an element of thrill to your gameplay. Each spin has the potential to turn your session around with a massive payout, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

For more insights on high volatility slots and how they work, this explainer on slot volatility is a great resource.

In essence, understanding RTP and volatility helps you to set your expectations right and strategize better when playing “Diamonds Of Egypt™”. This knowledge arms you with the confidence to take on the treasures of ancient Egypt with a clearer picture of what lies ahead.


Diamonds Of Egypt™




Playing Experience

When it comes to playing “Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play, the experience is nothing short of engaging and user-friendly. Whether you prefer gaming on your computer or mobile device, this slot game ensures you can enjoy top-notch gameplay wherever you are. Let’s break down two pivotal aspects of the playing experience: mobile compatibility and user interface.


Mobile Compatibility

In today’s fast-paced world, being able to play on the go is a significant advantage. “Diamonds Of Egypt™” performs remarkably well on mobile devices. Whether you own an iPhone, an Android, or a tablet, the game ensures smooth and seamless play.

  • Responsive Design: The game adjusts perfectly to different screen sizes, making it easy to switch between desktop and mobile without any loss in quality.
  • Touch-Optimized Controls: Playing on a mobile device often means relying on touch controls, and “Diamonds Of Egypt™” handles this beautifully. The spin button is conveniently placed, and the touch responsiveness is spot-on.
  • Performance: Even on older devices, the game runs smoothly without lags or crashes. This is crucial when you want a continuous and immersive experience.

For those who like gaming on the move, you can trust that Pragmatic Play has optimized “Diamonds Of Egypt™” for mobile use. If you want to check it out yourself, visit their official game page.


User Interface

Navigating through “Diamonds Of Egypt™” is intuitive and user-friendly. Pragmatic Play has ensured that every element of the interface is designed to provide an optimal user experience.

  • Crisp Graphics: The visuals are not just appealing but also serve the function of easy recognition of symbols and features.
  • Clear Navigation: Buttons like ‘Spin’, ‘Autoplay’, and ‘Bet Settings’ are clearly marked and easily accessible. This makes adjusting your bet size or initiating a spin straightforward.
  • Info Tabs: Important information such as paytables, game rules, and bonus features are readily accessible through well-placed tabs. This minimizes any confusion, especially for new players who might be unfamiliar with the game mechanics.

In summary, the user interface of “Diamonds Of Egypt™” stands out for its clear design and ease of navigation. For a closer look, check out this comprehensive review and demo.

Whether you’re spinning the reels from your couch or on the go, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” aims to deliver a seamless and enjoyable player experience. The game’s adaptability to various devices and clear user interface make it accessible for all types of players.




Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of “Diamonds Of Egypt™” Slot Game by Pragmatic Play

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play is making waves among slot enthusiasts with its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. However, like any game, it has its ups and downs. Let’s break down the major strengths and weaknesses of this slot game.



Here are some aspects where “Diamonds Of Egypt™” truly shines:

  • Stunning Visuals and Sounds: The game’s rich imagery and captivating sound design transport players straight to ancient Egypt—with symbols like golden cups and pharaoh masks bringing the theme to life. The Big Win Board review highlights the high-quality graphics that significantly contribute to the game’s immersive experience.
  • Multiple Bonus Features: The game boasts several exciting features such as free spins and a Jackpot Bonus Game. Landing three pyramid scatter symbols can trigger free spins, adding extra winning opportunities. The Slot Temple review also points out the variety of bonuses, including the potential to win one of four jackpots.
  • High RTP: With an RTP of 96.49%, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” offers players favorable returns in the long run. This competitive RTP is appealing to those who want to get good value for their wagers.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The game runs smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices. Whether on Android or iOS, the touch-optimized controls ensure seamless gameplay. For more on mobile performance, you can check the Pragmatic Play official game page.
  • High Volatility: While high volatility means wins are less frequent, they can be significant. This provides a thrilling experience with the potential for substantial payouts.



Despite its many strengths, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” has a few drawbacks worth noting:

  • High Volatility: This can be a double-edged sword. While potential payouts are larger, it also means you may experience dry spells. This might not suit players who prefer more frequent, smaller wins. For a detailed look at the game’s volatility, visit the SlotCatalog review.
  • Complex Bonus Triggers: Some players might find the methods to trigger bonus features a bit complicated. Navigating through these complexities could require a bit more patience and understanding of the game mechanics.
  • Not for Low Bankroll Players: Due to the high volatility and potential for long periods without wins, players with smaller bankrolls might find it challenging to sustain their play long enough to hit big wins.
  • Theme Familiarity: While the ancient Egypt theme is popular, it’s also heavily used in slot games. Players looking for a unique theme might feel this game doesn’t stand out significantly from other Egyptian-themed slots.





After exploring “Diamonds Of Egypt™” in detail, it’s clear that Pragmatic Play has crafted a slot game that’s both visually stunning and engaging. The game’s blend of ancient Egyptian themes, innovative features, and user-friendly mechanics creates a compelling package for both casual players and seasoned enthusiasts. Let’s sum up the key points that make “Diamonds Of Egypt™” stand out.


Key Highlights

  • Visually Captivating: The game’s graphics and sound effectively transport players to ancient Egypt, with richly detailed symbols like pharaoh masks and golden cups, complemented by immersive music and sound effects.
  • Engaging Gameplay: With a standard 5×3 reel setup and 88 fixed paylines, the game offers a balanced mix of frequent wins and substantial payouts. Special symbols like wilds and scatters keep the gameplay dynamic.
  • Bonus Features: The free spins and jackpot bonus game add layers of excitement. Landing pyramid scatter symbols or hitting wilds can trigger these features, providing opportunities for significant winnings.
  • High RTP and Volatility: The 96.49% RTP is player-friendly, while the high volatility ensures those big wins are just a spin away. This makes for an exhilarating experience, though it’s best suited for those with the patience for less frequent, larger payouts.
  • Mobile Compatibility: The game runs smoothly on various devices, ensuring you can enjoy it whether you’re on a desktop or playing on the go.




Final Verdict

“Diamonds Of Egypt™” by Pragmatic Play is a must-try for slot enthusiasts looking for a game that combines beautiful visuals with rich, engaging features. Its high RTP offers good value, while the high volatility promises thrilling, life-changing wins. Its seamless compatibility across devices ensures you can enjoy the treasures of ancient Egypt wherever you are. Whether you’re a fan of ancient history or just looking for a high-quality slot game, “Diamonds Of Egypt™” is worth a spin.

For more detailed insights and to experience the game firsthand, you can check out this official game demo or read comprehensive reviews on Big Win Board and Vegas Slots Online.





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