Latest Slot “Revenge of Loki Megaways” Review by Pragmatic Play (2024)
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Latest Slot “Revenge of Loki Megaways” Review by Pragmatic Play (2024)

If you’ve been searching for the next thrilling slot game to captivate your senses, look no further. Released on May 30, 2024, Pragmatic Play’s “Revenge of Loki Megaways” invites players into a world where the God of Mischief reigns supreme. This latest addition to the Megaways series promises a dynamic experience with up to 117,649 ways to win.

Featuring striking visuals and an array of engaging features, including cascading reels and a riveting free spins round, “Revenge of Loki Megaways” keeps the excitement levels high. Get ready to uncover powerful symbols, explore high volatility gameplay, and possibly unlock divine rewards. Stick around to discover all the ins and outs of this fantastic new slot!




Overview of Revenge of Loki Megaways

“Revenge of Loki Megaways” is a captivating slot game released by Pragmatic Play on May 30, 2024. This game takes players on an exciting adventure through Norse mythology, centered around the mischievous god Loki.


Theme and Design

The visuals and audio elements of “Revenge of Loki Megaways” are nothing short of stunning. With a focus on Norse mythology, the game’s background showcases ancient runes, mystical forests, and the mighty Asgard. The reels are adorned with symbols representing Viking helmets, mythical creatures, and Loki himself. These elements collectively create an immersive experience that draws players into the world of the Norse gods.

The soundtrack complements the visual theme perfectly. Expect epic, orchestral music with dramatic crescendos that enhance the excitement of spinning the reels. Each spin is accompanied by sound effects that mirror the clinks and clatters of ancient armor, further pulling players into the mythical narrative.

To get a feel for the immersive experience, check out Revenge of Loki Megaways Free Play in Demo Mode.


Game Mechanics and Layout

“Revenge of Loki Megaways” employs the Megaways mechanic, which is known for offering a dynamic and ever-changing gameplay experience. This mechanism allows for up to 117,649 ways to win, making each spin unique.

The game features a unique 6-reel layout with 2 to 7 rows per reel. This setup means the number of symbols on each reel changes with every spin, giving players varied combinations and increasing the excitement. Additionally, the game includes an extra horizontal reel above the main reels, adding another layer of complexity and potential for big wins.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the mechanics:

  • Megaways system: This feature ensures that the number of ways to win changes with each spin, reaching up to 117,649.
  • 6-reel setup: The game board consists of 6 main reels, each capable of showing 2 to 7 symbols per spin.
  • Additional reel: There’s a horizontal reel above the main reels, further enhancing potential wins.

For more details on this thrilling game setup, visit Pragmatic Play Releases the Revenge of Loki Megaways™ Slot.

The mix of a dynamic layout and a mesmerizing theme makes “Revenge of Loki Megaways” an unforgettable slot game experience. Whether you are a fan of Norse mythology or just looking for a new game to try, this slot is sure to entertain and potentially reward you handsomely.




Features and Bonuses

“Revenge of Loki Megaways” is packed with an array of features and bonuses that heighten the excitement and potential for big wins. Let’s dive into some of the key features that make this game stand out.


Tumble Feature

The Tumble Feature is a staple of the Megaways mechanic, adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay. Once you hit a winning combination, those winning symbols disappear from the reels. This allows new symbols to tumble down from above, filling the empty spaces and potentially creating new winning combinations. This process can continue as long as new wins are formed. Here’s why the Tumble Feature is a game-changer in “Revenge of Loki Megaways”:

  • Continuous Wins: With the Tumble Feature, a single spin can lead to multiple consecutive wins, boosting your chances of a big payout.
  • Increased Engagement: Each tumble creates a sense of anticipation, as you watch new symbols fall into place and hope for another win.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: The Tumble Feature keeps the action going, making each spin more dynamic and exciting.

For more details on how this feature works, check out Revenge of Loki Megaways Review & Demo.


Free Spins Round

Triggering the Free Spins round in “Revenge of Loki Megaways” is where the real magic happens. To activate this feature, you need to land 4 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Here’s what you can expect during the Free Spins round:

  • Initial Spins: You are awarded 10 free spins for landing 4 Scatters, with additional spins granted for each extra Scatter.
  • Multiplier Madness: The round starts with a 1x multiplier, which increases by 1x with every tumble. There’s no limit to how high the multiplier can go, allowing for massive win potential.
  • Extra Spins: During the Free Spins round, landing 3 or more Scatter symbols will retrigger the feature, giving you more chances to win.

This feature is a fan favorite because it offers the potential for huge wins, especially with the increasing multiplier. For a detailed look at this exciting feature, visit Revenge of Loki Megaways Slot.


Super Symbols

The Super Symbols feature is a unique addition to “Revenge of Loki Megaways” that significantly increases the chances of hitting big wins. Here’s how this feature works and its impact on your gameplay:

  • Larger Symbols: Super Symbols act as larger versions of regular symbols, covering multiple positions on the reels. This increases the likelihood of landing substantial winning combinations.
  • Wild Substitutions: These symbols can also transform into Wilds, substituting for other symbols and creating even more paying combinations.
  • High Payouts: When Super Symbols align across the reels, they can lead to some of the highest payouts in the game, making every spin a potential gateway to massive rewards.

To see the Super Symbols in action, explore Pragmatic Play Launches Revenge of Loki Megaways Slot.

Each of these features adds a unique layer of excitement to “Revenge of Loki Megaways,” ensuring that every spin is packed with potential and suspense.


Revenge of Loki Megaways




Betting Options and RTP

When diving into the “Revenge of Loki Megaways” slot, one of the most crucial aspects to understand is its betting options and return to player (RTP) percentage. These factors can greatly influence your overall gaming experience and potential winnings.


Betting Options

The betting options available in “Revenge of Loki Megaways” are designed to cater to a wide range of players, from casual gamers to high rollers. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect:

  • Minimum Bet: For those who prefer to play it safe or are just starting, the minimum bet is set at a reasonable amount, allowing you to enjoy the game without breaking the bank.
  • Maximum Bet: On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet is high enough to appeal to those who enjoy taking bigger risks for potentially bigger rewards.
  • Bet Adjustment: You can easily adjust your bet size using the on-screen controls, which is perfect for tailoring your gameplay to your personal budget and strategy.

These flexible betting options make “Revenge of Loki Megaways” accessible to everyone, whether you prefer conservative spending or are in it for the big wins.


RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP is a critical factor to consider for any slot game, as it represents the percentage of all the wagered money that the slot will pay back to players over time. For “Revenge of Loki Megaways,” the RTP is set at an impressive 96.51%. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Higher Than Average: An RTP of 96.51% is slightly higher than the industry standard, which typically hovers around 95%. This gives players a better chance of seeing a return on their bets over the long run.
  • High Volatility: This game also features high volatility, meaning that while wins may not occur as frequently, they are often larger when they do. This makes the game particularly exciting for those who enjoy the thrill of chasing big jackpots.
  • Maximum Win: The maximum win in this game is an astonishing 10,000 times your initial bet, which, combined with the high RTP, makes for a potentially very lucrative gaming experience.


For more in-depth insights into the RTP and game mechanics of “Revenge of Loki Megaways,” you can visit the Casino Guru’s Review.

By understanding the betting options and RTP, you can better tailor your gameplay strategy to maximize your enjoyment and potential rewards. Whether you’re a cautious player or a high-stakes enthusiast, “Revenge of Loki Megaways” offers a versatile and exciting experience for all.




Player Experience and Feedback

When diving into “Revenge of Loki Megaways,” understanding player experiences and feedback is crucial for both new and seasoned slot players. Let’s explore what the community is saying about the game.


Pros and Cons

Based on player feedback and expert reviews, “Revenge of Loki Megaways” has garnered a range of opinions. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages highlighted by players and critics alike.


  1. Engaging Theme and Design:
    • The game’s Norse mythology theme captivates players with its stunning visuals and epic soundtrack. The detailed symbols and immersive background create a unique and entertaining atmosphere.
  2. High RTP:
    • Boasting a return to player percentage of 96.51%, this slot provides a competitive edge over many other games in the market. This higher-than-average RTP means players have a better chance of seeing returns on their bets over time.
  3. Tumble Feature:
    • The Tumble Feature is a favorite among players, leading to continuous wins from a single spin. This keeps the excitement levels high and can lead to significant payouts.
  4. Free Spins Round:
    • The Free Spins round, with increasing multipliers and the potential for retriggers, is a standout feature. Players appreciate the opportunity for bigger wins and extended playtime during this bonus round.
  5. Flexible Betting Options:
    • Catering to both casual gamers and high rollers, the wide range of betting options makes this slot accessible to a diverse audience.

For an in-depth review, you can visit SiGMA World.



  1. High Volatility:
    • While high volatility can lead to larger payouts, it also means that wins may be less frequent. Some players find this aspect frustrating, especially during dry spells.
  2. Complex Gameplay:
    • For those new to Megaways slots, the fluctuating number of win ways and the additional horizontal reel can be confusing. It may take some time for players to fully grasp and enjoy the game mechanics.
  3. Super Symbols Feature:
    • Although the Super Symbols can lead to big wins, players note that they don’t appear as often as wished. The infrequent occurrence can make it feel like a missed opportunity for substantial payouts.

To see player feedback and more detailed reviews, check out

By weighing these pros and cons, players can get a clearer picture of what to expect when playing “Revenge of Loki Megaways” and decide if it aligns with their personal preferences and gameplay style.




Comparison with Other Megaways Slots

When it comes to the Megaways genre, “Revenge of Loki Megaways” by Pragmatic Play stands out. However, how does it compare to other well-known Megaways slots? Let’s dive into the details to see where it shines and where it might fall short.


Gameplay and Mechanics

Megaways slots are known for their dynamic and ever-changing gameplay, and “Revenge of Loki Megaways” is no exception. The game utilizes the classic Megaways mechanics with up to 117,649 ways to win, cascading reels, and a high volatility setup. But how does it stack up against other titles?

  • Pragmatic Play’s “Power of Thor Megaways”: Like “Revenge of Loki,” this slot also dips into Norse mythology. Both games have visually striking themes, but “Power of Thor” includes a unique hammer symbol that transforms regular symbols into Wilds, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  • Big Time Gaming’s “Bonanza Megaways”: Often credited with popularizing the Megaways mechanic, “Bonanza” offers engaging gameplay with its mining theme. While “Bonanza” has a classic appeal, “Revenge of Loki” leverages its engaging mythological theme to create a distinct atmosphere.
  • Red Tiger’s “Gonzo’s Quest Megaways”: Renowned for its adventurous theme, “Gonzo’s Quest Megaways” offers Avalanche multipliers and Free Fall symbols. Although “Revenge of Loki” doesn’t have the same Avalanche feature, its Free Spins round with progressive multipliers is a highlight that many players enjoy.


For more on the newest Megaways slots, visit CasinoLandia.


Bonus Features

Bonus features can make or break a slot game, and each Megaways slot brings something unique to the table.

  • “Revenge of Loki Megaways”: Key features include the Tumble Feature, Free Spins with unlimited multipliers, and Super Symbols. These features are designed to enhance the overall experience and offer significant winning opportunities.
  • “Great Rhino Megaways”: Also developed by Pragmatic Play, it features a Super Reels system during Free Spins, similar to “Revenge of Loki’s” Super Symbols. However, “Revenge of Loki” offers a higher RTP and more complex bonus mechanics.
  • “White Rabbit Megaways”: This Big Time Gaming slot includes an increasing reels’ feature during bonuses, expanding the potential for larger wins. While “Revenge of Loki” also offers expanding multipliers during its Free Spins, the two games have distinct narrative and thematic approaches that cater to different player preferences.


Visual and Audio Design

Design elements significantly affect the player’s immersion and enjoyment.

  • “Revenge of Loki Megaways”: Offers an immersive Norse mythology theme with high-quality graphics and sound. The epic soundtrack and detailed symbols provide a captivating experience.
  • “Extra Chilli Megaways”: Known for its vibrant and lively theme, it contrasts significantly with the darker, more mystical vibe of “Revenge of Loki.” Both games excel in their graphic and audio design but cater to different tastes.
  • “Kong Megaways”: This slot by Blueprint Gaming combines iconic movie visuals with engaging sound effects. While “Kong Megaways” leans towards adventure and excitement, “Revenge of Loki” draws players into a mythical and enigmatic world.


RTP and Volatility

Return to Player (RTP) and volatility metrics impact a game’s appeal.

  • “Revenge of Loki Megaways”: Boasts a solid RTP of 96.51% with high volatility. This setup ensures that while wins may not be frequent, they are substantial when they occur.
  • “Buffalo Rising Megaways”: Offers a similar high RTP, but with medium-high volatility, it might appeal to players who prefer slightly more frequent wins.
  • “Majestic Megaways”: Features a comparable RTP and volatility, making it an alternative for players who appreciate the Megaways mechanics but want a different theme.

For a deeper dive into Megaways slots comparisons, check out Casinomeister’s Top 10 Megaways Slots.

By comparing “Revenge of Loki Megaways” with other popular titles, it’s clear that it holds its own thanks to its unique features, engaging theme, and solid RTP. Whether you’re a fan of Norse mythology or just looking for the next thrilling slot to try, this game is a compelling addition to the Megaways lineup.





“Revenge of Loki Megaways” by Pragmatic Play is a fascinating addition to the world of online slots. Its combination of stunning visuals, dynamic gameplay, and engaging features makes it a standout choice for slot enthusiasts.


Summary of Key Points

  • Theme and Design: With its Norse mythology motif, the game offers a visually and audibly immersive experience. The detailed symbols and epic soundtrack pull players into the mythical world of Loki.
  • Game Mechanics: The Megaways mechanic provides up to 117,649 ways to win, ensuring each spin is unique. The additional horizontal reel further enhances potential payouts.
  • Bonus Features: The Tumble Feature, Free Spins Round, and Super Symbols add layers of excitement and substantial winning opportunities.
  • Betting Options and RTP: With a flexible range of bets and a higher-than-average RTP of 96.51%, this slot caters to diverse players, from casual gamers to high rollers.
  • Player Feedback: The game has received positive reviews for its engaging theme, high RTP, and thrilling features, though some find its high volatility and complex gameplay challenging.

For more in-depth insights, check out’s detailed review.



Final Verdict

Is “Revenge of Loki Megaways” worth playing? Absolutely. Whether you’re drawn by the promise of big wins, the mesmerizing theme, or the dynamic gameplay, this slot has something for everyone. Its blend of exciting features and rewarding possibilities makes it a must-try for both new and seasoned players. Don’t miss out on this captivating adventure through Norse mythology. For a deeper dive into the game, head over to Casino Guru and experience it firsthand.






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